To report wildlife violations, please call the 24 hour toll free hotline at 1–877–WGFDTIP (1–877–943–3847)
1–307–777–4330 for out–of–state calls
or report violations online at:
Text keyword WGFD and message to 847–411

*Android based cell phone users may download a free app to their phone to facilitate these text messages.

The “STOP POACHING” program is an opportunity for you to help protect your wildlife resource. Rewards are paid when an arrest is made or a citation issued. The program works because people care about Wyoming's wildlife. YOUR CALL WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE – REPORT ALL WILDLIFE VIOLATIONS.

Wyoming Wildlife Protectors Assoc.
3030 Energy Lane
Casper, Wy 82604

Wyoming Wildlife Protectors Association – This private organization was the initial base of the present Department funded Stop Poaching Program. The WGWA provided a $500 yearly donation to the organization to fund the reward program which was paid out to informants of wildlife law violations. In 1990, the Protectors Association became funded by the Wyoming Game & Fish Department. The WGWA continues to support the WWPA by raising awareness of the program through branded cell phone credit card holders, which can be attached to cell phone cases.

In 2001, the WGWA refurbished an old time horse drawn jail wagon for the purpose of increasing awareness of the public to the Stop Poaching Program. WGWA members Mike Ehlebracht, Rod Lebert, Jim Seeman and Gary Boyd of the Casper region obtained the wagon and did the construction. WGWA supporter Duaine Hagen provided the wagon. The WGWA provided the funds for the refurbishment and the printing of the Stop Poaching Posters at a cost of over $5,800.00. This jail wagon has been transported around to various Wyoming county fairs and parades by Association members. The making of the “Poach Coach” was detailed in the Spring 2002 issue of the International Game Warden Magazine.

For the Stop Poaching effort in Wyoming, the Wyoming Game Wardens Association has contributed over $52,000.00.

IGW Spring 2002 Magazine

The WGWA has purchased an enclosed trailer to haul the Poach Coach around the state at a cost of over $6,800.00, along with monetary and material donations from:

  • Duaine Hagen
  • Wells Cargo
  • Cabela’s
  • K-Motive & Sports of Green River
  • Wyoming Wildlife Federation
  • Wyoming Biologists Association
  • Wyoming Chapter of the Wildlife Society
  • Superior Signs of Casper
  • Dan Ritter

Poach Coach Trailer

Poach Coach at the Wyoming Hunting and Fishing Heritage Exposition

WGFD Director Terry Cleveland in the Coach

Game Wardens in Parade for Stop Poaching Program awareness

Junior Game Warden Badges

List of Sponsors

Poach Coach at the 2002 NAWEOA meeting in Indianapolis, IN

2006 WGWA Expo Workers

Game Wardens in Parade for Stop Poaching Program awareness



2016 Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade with the Poach Coach

2012 Cheyenne Frontier Days Parade with the Poach Coach

2013 Pinedale Rendezvous Parade with the Poach Coach

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