Wyoming Game Wardens perform a myriad of duties besides enforcing the State Wildlife Statutes. The following photos just give a sampling of Wyoming Wardens in the field.

October 2016
Wounding Loss

Afton- Afton Game Warden James Hobbs had a gentleman call who had found a nice mule deer buck, which appeared to be a wounding loss. Hobbs gave the person permission to keep it and set up an appointment to meet and place an interstate game tag on the deer. The deer turned out to be a fairly notorious non-typical buck from the area.

October 2016
Hunting with Heroes hosts hunt for veterans

Cheyenne- Cheyenne Game Warden Shawn Blajszczak helped plan and coordinate a "Hunting with Heroes" hunt in Laramie County. The hunt was a tremendous success for the eight disabled veterans and more than a dozen volunteers. Wyoming Hunting with Heroes is a nonprofit group that helps disabled veterans enjoy the outdoors, primarily through hunting. More information can be found at

October 2016
Little America moose

Cheyenne- Cheyenne Game Warden Shawn Blajszczak and Wheatland Wildlife Biologist Martin Hicks received assistance from several willing volunteers to relocate a yearling bull moose that wandered onto the golf course at the Little America Hotel in early October. The moose was tranquilized at about 7:30 in the morning then loaded into a horse trailer and taken to the Pole Mountain area to be released. Due to their size and potential for injuring humans or themselves, moose are generally relocated away from populated areas when they wander too close to towns.

October 2016
Gored Moose

Elk Mountain - Elk Mountain Game Warden Ryan Kenneda and Access Coordinator Jason Sherwood investigated a call concerning a moose that had possibly been shot on the morning of Oct. 21. The wardens found the moose still alive and suffering. They dispatched the animal and determined it had been gored in the hind quarters by another moose. Warden Sherwood packed the moose's head out of the forest and brought it to the Laramie Game and Fish office. The antlers will be cleaned up and used for educational programs.

September 2016
Bummer Moose Story

Jackson- Jackson Wildlife Coordinator Doug Brimeyer and Jackson Game warden Kyle Lash responded to a call of two Bull Moose that had drowned in a pond at a subdivision near Wilson, WY. The two apparently sparring bulls had locked antlers and ended up in the pond and drowned. Warden Lash paddled out to the moose (upper left), unlocked the antlers and hooked them up to a cable so that they could be winched out and onto a trailer. It was an unfortunate way for these two magnificent animals to go.

September 2016
Happy Hunters

Afton- Afton Game Warden James Hobbs reports a good hunting big game season so far, with no major violations. Hobbs has made several good contacts with hunters so far in his first hunting season as the Afton warden. He and Cokeville Game Warden Neil Hymas helped a young wounded veteran with a deer hunt in Region G. The hunter, Anthony Grimaldi of Bowdon, Georgia, was able to take a nice deer in the Salt River Range with the free help of Ryan Merritt of Smokey Canyon Outfitters.

August 2016
Bad Badger

Jackson- In early August, South Jackson Game Warden Kyle Lash responded to a call from the Flat Creek Inn Gas Station that there was a badger that wouldn't leave the front door of their business. After evaluating the situation, Warden Lash decided he would try to capture the animal and move it. Lash was successful in subduing the animal with a catch pole and got it into a pet carrier for transport. The badger got a free ride to a release site north of Jackson well away from homes and people.

August 2016
Osprey Rescue

Wheatland- Wheatland Game Warden David Ellsworth responded to a report that an osprey had become entangled in baling twine it had used as part of its nesting material. The bird was dangling from the nest by its foot about 25 feet off the ground. Warden Ellsworth called Wheatland REA and asked for assistance. He was met by linemen Austin Gesinger and Jeremiah Stegman. The men hoisted a truck bucket up to the nest, cut the twine and lowered the bird to the ground. Warden Ellsworth freed the bird's legs and also removed a fish hook and line that was tangled around its foot. He released the osprey and watched as it immediately headed for the nearby North Platte River for a drink of water. Thank you to Wheatland REA for assisting in the rescue.

July 2016
Kid Predicament

Alpine- Alpine Game Warden Jordan Winter responded to a report of a mountain goat kid in the Snake River Canyon that had gotten stuck beneath a chain link fence used to keep rocks from falling onto the highway. Warden Winter was able to use a wire cutter to create an opening in the fence and help the young mountain goat out. The kid eagerly returned to its mom and the rest of the herd. Winter expressed appreciation for the timely report so the goat didn't have to suffer long.

July 2016
Injured saw whet owl

Cheyenne- Cheyenne Game Warden Shawn Blajszczak rescued an injured Northern saw-whet owl in July. He took the owl to Cheyenne Pet Clinic for rehabilitation. Saw-whets are highly nocturnal and seldom seen by humans. However, their shrill calls can often be heard throughout evergreen forests. This particular owl apparently liked Blajszczak's coffee.

July 2016
Boat Rescue

Pinedale- South Pinedale Game Warden Jordan Kraft and Big Piney Game Warden Adam Hymas (below) were able to rescue this boat after thunderstorms caused it to blow out of a bay and across Fremont Lake. The boat was returned to its very thankful owner who will likely be tying the boat after docking it in the future.

August 8, 2015
Slain game wardens remembered

The Wyoming Game Wardens Association conducted a ceremony to honor the service and sacrifice of game wardens Bill Lakanen and Don Simpson at Jack Creek Park on the Medicine Bow National Forest west of Saratoga on August 8, 2015. Lakanen and Simpson were murdered by John Malten, a German immigrant, at his cabin on Jim Creek on October 31, 1945. Approximately 60 people attended the memorial service and heard accounts of the incident by Bill Robertson, president of the Wyoming Game Wardens Association and Greybull Game Warden, and Saratoga Game Warden Biff Burton. The Wyoming Game Wardens Association Honor Guard also gave a 21-gun salute and played taps for the solemn occasion.

WGWA President and Greybull Game Warden Bill Robertson (L) and Saratoga Game Warden Biff Burton (R) at the Ceremony.


On August 10, 2014 the Wyoming Game Wardens Association Honor Guard paid respects to retired Chief Game Warden Jay Lawson during his memorial service. Jay passed away on July 15, 2014 in Cheyenne at the age of 65.

Wyoming Peace Officer Memorial – Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in Douglas - May 16, 2014

Wyoming Game Wardens Association Spurs

Retired Game Wardens Qualification Shoot May 21, 2014
(LtoR): Gregg Arthur, Bob Sexton, Jim Bradley, Mark Nelson, Chris Daubin, Jeff Smith, Jim Johnston

In August, 2013 Afton Game Warden Todd Graham recently placed this plaque at the Moose Creek Patrol Cabin in the Greys’ River Drainage. Longtime Afton Game Warden Duane Hyde built the cabin in 1976, and it has been maintained over the years by numerous Game & Fish employees, past and present.

Moose Creek Cabin
Established in 1976 by Game Warden Duane Hyde. For the Protection and Conservation of Wildlife

In Memory of Afton Game Warden Duane Hyde

Thorofare Cabin
Cody Region personnel spent eight days at the remote Thorofare Cabin located in the Bridger Teton National Forest, just south of Yellowstone National Park. The work crew spent time shingling the roof, staining the cabin, felling trees, and building saddle racks.

Chris Queen and Craig Smith replacing roof shingles.

From Left: Biologist Bart Kroger, Game Warden Jim Olson, Forest Service Ranger Ron Ostrum, Game Wardens Chris Queen, and Craig Smith, and Wildlife Supervisor Alan Osterland.

More In The Field Game Warden Photos

Jackson Game Warden Jon Stephens visits with a successful father-daughter hunt team.

Rawlins Game Warden Teal Joseph keeps watch on wintering mule deer in the Bennett Peak area during the Saratoga winter range task force.

East Casper Game Warden Cody Bish with a Black Bear that was immobilized in Casper and relocated.

South Jackson Game Warden Kyle Lash assists a young angler.

East Rawlins Game Warden Dillon Herman holds a mule deer fawn that was removed from a home where it was being kept as a “pet”. In Wyoming it is illegal to possess big game animals and many other species.

Lovell Game Warden James Hobbs sets up a solar charger to deter Canada geese from a field.

Saratoga Game Warden Biff Burton rides his horse Kookaburra to check anglers at Stovepipe Gulch in the North Platte River Wilderness Area. He met a group of Australian visitors who were delighted to meet a Wyoming game warden on a horse named after a bird native to Australia.

Cokeville Game Warden Neil Hymas releasing a Black Bear after it successfully completed rehabilitation in Idaho after being captured in Green River in 2014 as a 30 pound cub. The male bear weighed 162 pounds t the time of his release. All bears must be released back into the state of their capture upon completion of rehabilitation.

Game Wardens Craig Smith and Travis Crane and Large Carnivore Specialist Kyle Bales hobble a moose after the animal was chemically immobilized in order to transport him to an awaiting horse trailer.

Sheridan Region Office Manager Lori Roe (with torch), her son Nate (in white shirt) and Troy Tobiasson (far right) participate in the Special Olympics' Unified Relay Across America torch run.

Casper Game Warden Adam Parks with a couple of fledgling raptors.

Casper Game Wardens Cody Bish, Adam Parks and Daniel Beach promoting watercraft safety in the Game and Fish Department patrol boat for the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo in Casper.

Large Carnivore Conflict Training with the Green River Region.

Afton Game warden Todd Graham and IDFG warden Shane Bliss conducting boater checks on Palisades Reservoir. Photo Kyle Lash

Mountain View Wildlife Biologist Jeff Short, Green River Game Warden Andy Roosa, Green River Wildlife Supervisor Steve DeCecco and Kemmerer Game Warden Chris Baird began replacing the roof at the Labarge Creek patrol cabin. The project should be completed in a couple weeks, with a new steel roof, just in time for hunting season.

Game Wardens Shawn Blajszczak, Kelly Todd, Ryan Kenneda, and Access Coordinator Jason Sherwood participated in the Laramie Jubilee Days Parade in Laramie to help celebrate Wyoming’s 125th birthday.

North Jackson Game Warden Jon Stephens, and his steadfast sidekick Gus, scan the high country for bighorn sheep.

South Jackson Game Warden Kyle Lash collars a bighorn ewe.

North Jackson Game Warden Jon Stephens and Jackson Wildlife Biologist Aly Courtemanch checking hunters in the Teton Wilderness northeast of Moran and the Gros Ventre Wilderness.

Jackson Wildlife Biologist Aly Courtemanch and South Jackson Warden Kyle Lash remove plastic fencing from a moose’s antlers.

Meeteetse Game Warden Jim Olson and his string of fine mules head across a high plateau deep in the heart of the Absaroka Wilderness during the 2015 bighorn sheep season.

South Cody Game Warden Craig Smith assists with removing fencing as part of National Public Lands Day.